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Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross
Young adult

Divine Rivals

by Rebecca Ross

Excellent choice

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Quick take

All is chaos when the gods are at war, but two rival journalists with a magical connection may hold the key to peace.

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After centuries of sleep, the gods are warring again. But eighteen-year-old Iris Winnow just wants to hold her family together. Her mother is suffering from addiction and her brother is missing from the front lines. Her best bet is to win the columnist promotion at the Oath Gazette.

To combat her worries, Iris writes letters to her brother and slips them beneath her wardrobe door, where they vanish―into the hands of Roman Kitt, her cold and handsome rival at the paper. When he anonymously writes Iris back, the two of them forge a connection that will follow Iris all the way to the front lines of battle: for her brother, the fate of mankind, and love.

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Divine Rivals


Cold fog had settled over the depot like a burial shroud, and Iris Winnow thought the weather couldn’t have been better. She could hardly see the train through the gloam, but she could taste it in the evening air: metal and smoke and burning coal, all woven together with a trace of petrichor. The wooden platform was slick beneath her shoes, gleaming with rain puddles and piles of decaying leaves.

When Forest came to a stop at her side, she stopped as well, as if she were his mirror. The two of them were often mistaken for twins with their wide-set hazel eyes, wavy chestnut hair, and the freckles that spilled across their noses. But Forest was tall, Iris petite. He was five years her senior, and for the first time in her life, Iris wished that she were older than him.

“I won’t be gone long,” he said. “Only a few months, I think.”

Her brother glanced at her in the fading light, waiting for her to respond. It was eventide, the moment between darkness and light, when the constellations began to dust the sky and the city lamps flickered to life in reply. Iris could feel the draw of it—Forest’s concerned stare and the golden light that illuminated the low-hanging clouds—and yet her eyes wandered, desperate for a distraction. A moment to blink away her tears before Forest could see them.

There was a soldier to her right. A young woman dressed in a perfectly starched uniform. Iris was struck by a wild thought. One that must have traveled across her face, because Forest cleared his throat.

“I should come with you,” Iris said, meeting his gaze. “It’s not too late. I can enlist—”

“No, Iris,” Forest replied sharply. “You made me two promises, remember?”

Two promises, hardly a day old. Iris frowned. “How could I forget.”

“Then speak them back to me.”

She crossed her arms to ward off the autumn chill and the strange cadence in Forest’s voice. There was a hint of desperation she hadn’t heard in him until now, and gooseflesh rippled across her arms beneath her thin sweater.

“Take care of Mum,” she said, mimicking his baritone. It brought a smile to his face. “Stay in school.”

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Why I love it

I have come to savor the moment when I sit down to read a Rebecca Ross novel, knowing I will be sucked in by the rich settings, beautiful magic, and lovable characters. It is safe to say her latest novel, Divine Rivals, does not disappoint. This is a cancel your plans, order takeout, phone on silent type of book.

Iris Winnow has a lot on her mind. Her brother has gone missing on the front lines of a war brought on by gods, while her mother struggles with addiction. On top of all that she is competing for a columnist promotion at the Oath Gazette, which she desperately needs. She finds solace in writing letters to her brother on her typewriter and slipping them under her wardrobe door—where they magically vanish. One hitch: the letters aren’t making it to her brother . . . they’re ending up in the hands of fellow Oath Gazette writer and Iris’s bitter rival, Roman Kitt. But when Roman decides to anonymously write her back, the two will form a bond that will see them through the many challenges that lie ahead.

The hardest part about reading Divine Rivals is deciding whether to speed through as quickly as possible to discover the fates of Iris and Roman, or to take your time and revel in this world of warring gods and magical typewriters that can make even toughest rivals come together. Make sure to add this one to your box. To put it simply, this story is divine.

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Member ratings (10,549)

  • Samantha H.

    Marshfield, MO

    A truly captivating story of a girl who writes letters to her missing brother and of a boy who reads them. It had me staying up half the night to finish! I can’t wait for the sequel! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Sara H.

    Fuquay Varina, NC

    𝙏𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨💭 Such a beautifully written fantasy novel. A war between gods. Rival journalists. A connection through magic typewriters. Fear. Passion. Love. All on the front lines of battle.

  • Cynthia W.

    Rhinebeck, NY

    This book drew me in and I couldn’t put it down, when I had free time! I loved the concept and the author’s writing style. The pacing was great and I can’t wait to read the second book, which I own!

  • Dessi G.

    Notre Dame, IN

    This review is not fresh off the press of my brain finishing the book📝🤍 Did not expect to breeze through this one, magical typewriters rule and this love story is epic. Hope for more mythology in #2

  • Megan S.

    Nashville, TN

    Wow, just read this. So lyrical, such wonderful characters. I’m hooked. Botm if you don’t pick up the sequel so they match I’ll … do nothing. Lol. Thank you for shining the light on this story.

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